About Us

Who We Are

About UsIncorporated and headquartered in California, USA, Lao Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. (LRF) is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization. LRF is recognized as a State and Federal tax exempt publicly supported 501(c)(3) charitable organization, employer identification number 43-1967300.

LRF maintains offices in Napa, California, USA, and in both Vientiane Capital, and in Oudomxay, Laos. LRF is officially registered as a Non Governmental (NGO) Organization in both Laos and USA.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of LRF is to provide medical services to Laotian people with a greater focus on children and the poor. The foundation recognizes that the best guarantee for sound health is supported by having access to adequate nutrition, clean water, basic hygiene, decent shelter, education, medical facilities and services.

Our Vision

To achieve poverty eradication, working in harmony with local communities.

Our Activities

The central activity of the organization is addressing the most critical and urgent needs of Laotian people by raising funds through donations and to disburse these funds in the most efficient way.

LRF works in conjunction with local government and communities to:

  • Provide health care in remote areas
  • Build schools and shelters
  • Provide support for education
  • Provide access to clean water
  • Assist individuals with special needs

Within United States and beyond, LRF:

  • recruits health care volunteers
  • seeks donations of medical equipment, medicine and supplies
  • secures financial resources
  • raises awareness of living conditions of poor communities in Laos

What We Have Accomplished

In addition to providing food, items of personal hygiene and clothing to children of Home of Light, a school for blind children we built in Vientiane and taking care of individuals with special needs on an ongoing basis, LRF has funded the following projects:


  • Construction of a refectory at the National Rehabilitation Center in Vientiane (NRC)
  • Construction of a water draining system, clean water pumping and storage at NRC
  • Replacement of a roof, installation of electric power and 32 fans at Simmano School
  • Construction of a Health Care Center at Simmano village including essential medical equipment
  • Construction of classrooms, toilets and septic system at Simmano Elementary School
  • Construction of a library building and IT classroom with 10 computers at Simmano High School
  • Construction of a Health Care Center at Maknao village including essential medical equipment
  • Construction of a two story school building for blind children in Vientiane
  • Construction of a bridge at Simmano village
  • Construction of a 12 room in-patient building at Hatsayfong Hospital (2011)
  • Construction of a gravity-fed clean water system with reservoir, 5Km underground piping and 15 water delivery locations at Huixang village (population 1,014), Namor District, Oudomxay Province (2011)
  • Construction of an extension for Hatsayfong District Hospital (2012)
  • Construction of a gravity fed clean water system with reservoir, 3Km underground piping and 10 water delivery locations Mokchak village (population 507), Houn District, Oudmxay Province (2012)
  • Construction of a gravity-fed clean water system with 4 reservoirs, 3Km underground piping and 7 water delivery locations at Mokkhokang village (population 717), Pakbeng District, Oudomxay Province (2013)
  • Drilling of a deep water well at Nayxaythong Village (population 1,900) (2014)
  • Construction of a gravity-fed clean water system with 1 reservoir, 2 km of underground piping, and 7 water delivery locations at HouiPhord, an Akha village in Phongsaly Province (population 493). The project included construction of a toilet. (2015)

Support for Medical Equipment

  • Installation of and training for medical equipment in the following district and provincial hospitals. Equipment includes: diagnostic ultrasound, dental chairs, x-ray, operating room, colonoscopy, clinical laboratory, rescue equipment, surgical microscope, anesthesia, patient monitoring, etc.
    • Hatsayfong District Hospital
    • Sissatanak DistrictHospital
    • Sikottabong District Hospital
    • Sathani District Hospital
    • Naxayfong District Hospital
    • Naxaythong District Hospital
    • Pakgneum District Hospital
    • Saysettha District Hospital
    • Santong District Hospital
    • Botem Provincial Hospital
    • Phongsaly Provincial Hospital
    • Pakbeng District Hospital
    • Oudomxay Provincial Hospital
    • Bokeo Provincial Hospital
    • Luang Namtha Provincial Hospital
    • Samphan District Hospital
    • Yord-Ou District Hospital
    • Bountai District Hospital
    • Mai District Hospital
    • Namor District Hospital
    • Beng District Hospital
    • Houn District Hospital
    • Khoua District Hospital
    • Viengphoukha District Hospital
    • Ban Nam Yang Health Center
    • Nga District Hospital
    • Chom-Ong Health Center
    • Maknao Health Care Center
    • Simmano Health Care Center
    • Vientiane Municipal Health Department Dental Clinic
    • Saysomboun Provincial Hospital

Support for Education

  • English language educational program for health care personnel of Vientiane Dept. of Health.
  • Computer literacy program at Simmano High School and at Vientiane Dept. of Health.
  • Sponsorship of English language and continuing medical education for selected individuals.
  • Occupational program for blind children at Home of Light.
  • Installation of a new IT classroom with 15 computers at Vientiane Department of Public Health.
  • Occupational programs, food and clothing for blind children at Home of Light.

Medical Missions

Surgery (cleft lip/palate, burn contracture release, ENT, hyperthyroid, oculoplastics):

  • 2006 – Sissatanak Hospital – 29 Surgeries
  • 2008 – Mittaphab Hospital – 98 Surgeries
  • 2009 – Luang Prabang Provincial Hospital – 125 Surgeries
  • 2010 – Bokeo Provincial Hospital – 39 Surgeries
  • 2011 – Oudomxay Provincial Hospital – 7 Surgeries
  • 2012 – Oudomxay Provincial Hospital – 30 Surgeries
  • 2013 – Oudomxay Provincial Hospital – 14 Surgeries
  • 2013 – Oudomxay Provincial Hospital – 19 Surgeries

Health Care in Remote Area (ENT, eye, dental, pediatric, obstetric):

  • 2008 – Beng District, Oudomxay Province (rapid assessment mission) – 741 Patients
  • 2008 – La, Houn, Beng, Pakbeng Districts, Oudomxay Province – 3,198 Patients
  • 2009 – Khoua, Namor, Viengphoukha Districts, Oudomxay Province – 4,137 Patients
  • 2010 – Meung, Paktha, Pha-Udon, Tonpheun Districts, Bokeo Province – 460Patients
  • 2010 – Bounneua, Bountai Districts, Phongsaly Province – 3,056 Patients
  • 2011 – Namor District, Oudomxay Province – 692 Patients
  • 2011 – Tonpheung, Huixay and Pha-Udon Districts, Bokeo Province – 5,478 Patients
  • 2012 – Nga, Beng and Houn Districts, Oudomxay Province – 3,579 Patients
  • 2012 – Hatsayfong, Viantiane Province; La, and Namor District, Oudomxay Province – 3,359 Patients
  • 2013 – Houn and Pakbeng Districts, Oudomxay Province – 2259 Patients
  • 2013 – Chong Ong Health Center, Xay District, Oudomxay Province – 598 Patients
  • 2014 – Mai, Samphan, Bountai Districts, Phongsaly Province – 3,772 Patients
  • 2014 – Chong Ong Health Center, Xay District, Oudomxay Province – 209 Patients
  • 2015 – Yord-Ou, Samphan, Ban Yor Districts, Phongsaly Province – 3,385 Patients