National Rehabilitation Center sign

In cooperation with the Lao Ministry of Education, the center opened its doors to children with impairments in 1992. It is the only school in Laos offering special education to children (amputees, movement-impaired, deaf, mute and visually impaired persons). The maximum capacity of the school is presently 75 children with many children on a waiting list. During their 3 years at the school, often victims of land-mines, children learn Braille, orientation and mobility skills.

school eatingschool doorway

Committed to provide health care in the best possible physical environment, the organization provides food and items of personal hygiene to the children on a needed basis, as a relatively small percentage of the needs are funded by the government and other charitable organizations


Ms. Sommanouane Rattana, local coordinator in Vientiane, purchasing food
for the schools.

Construction of a water drainage systemConstruction of a water drainage system

Construction of a water drainage system around the school and water storage.

before constructionafter construction

Refectory before construction and after construction.