Our second mobile cataract surgery mission of 2022 brought us to Phongslay, the least visited and most extreme northern province of Laos, bordering China to the North and west and Vietnam to the east. Nurses from the three district hospitals of the province, Bounneu, Phongsaly and Yord Ou screened the vision of 878 older people as part of their ongoing outreach program in 50 remote villages and appointed those with cataracts to be treated at a given date and location. Our mobile team screened the vision of an additional 656 people while in the district hospitals. 83 cataract surgeries were performed, 12 other sight restoring surgeries were performed and 128 pairs of prescription glasses were donated.

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Dr. Luc fitting protective glasses for ethnic minority patient on 1st day post-surgery

Dr. Luc fitting protective glasses to patient on 1st day post-surgery


Akha woman in Phongsaly Province

Akha patient in Phongsaly Province