We met Sone in during our mobile health care mission in the remote area of Oudomxay Province in October 2012. Luckily, our team of US physicians was able to diagnose that Sone suffered from a congenital heart condition called Trilogy of Fallot. In her case, not enough blood was able to reach the lungs to get oxygen and oxygen-poor blood was flowing to her body, making her constantly tired, unable to live a normal life. We send her to Vientiane to be seen by specialists at Mahosot Hospital. After several failed attempts to have her seen by a pediatric cardiology team from France, she finally was admitted for surgery on December 5th 2013. The surgery was successful. Thanks to our pediatrician Siobhan, our internist Mark, our radiologist Vananh, our coordinator Sasithone, the French surgical team, and the dedicated Mahosoth cardiology team for giving Sone a new life.