Without accurate records, we estimated Vang to be about five years old when we found her at Home of Light in early 2004. Like many other children there, she was born with congenital cataract. Our intuition however was that she could profit from eye surgery as we guessed that she underwent capsulotomy surgery at an early age and perhaps could recover some vision. We were fortunate to be able to arrange for laser surgery for her in 2005, followed by another capsulotomy surgery in 2006, performed in Laos by the Vietnamese Team of Professor Tien and his assistant Dr. Hoang. We later took Vang to Bangkok for a complete refractory exam.

Vang has recovered sufficient vision to follow the regular school curriculum and with our support is now enrolled at the Sengsavanh College, a local private elementary school.

The Vietnamese surgical teamVang receiving the laser surgery

The Vietnamese surgical team – Vang receiving the laser surgery

Vang with her corrective glassesVang with her first coloring book

Vang with her corrective glasses. – Vang with her first coloring book.

Vang on her first day of schoolVang studying piano

Vang on her first day of school. – Vang studying piano.