A team of 25 health care professionals provided mobile health care services in 3 districts hospitals (Nga, Beng and Houn) during 8 days, providing 5 main services: ENT, dental, eye, expectant mother and pediatric services. ENT specialist from Mittaphab Hospital joined Oudomxay provincial team to examine patients by manual and automated equipment. Treatment and procedures were provided with good medicine and equipment.

A total of 3,579 patients were examined, treated when possible and recorded in 3 districts hospitals. This included: E.N.T. 684 cases, dental: 1,362 cases (including 400 children in primary school), eye: 732 cases, expectant mothers: 120 cases, and pediatrics: 681 cases.

The team performed 137 cataract surgery cases and 43 pterygium and eyelid cases. Post-surgery for all cases was completed without complications.

Click here to download the February 2012 report of the Mobile Health Care mission in Nga, Beng, Houn Districts, Oudomxay Province!