Our largest team yet of health care professionals (32 people) drove to Phongsaly province to deliver mobile health care services in six main areas: ENT, dental, eye disease; expectant mothers, adult internal medicine and pediatric services. All services included experts, medical doctors and nurses to examine patients and provide treatment to a total of 3,385 patients (Female: 2,044) in 2 district hospitals, 1 health center and 1 primary school. It included: E.N.T. 653 (F 336), dental: 701 (F 451), eye: 453 (F 257), expectant mothers: 134, adult internal medicine: 849 (F 578), pediatric: 531 (F 262) and children in primary school: 64 (F 26).

Click here to download the February 2015 Mobile Health Care in Yord-Ou, Samphan and Ban Yor Districts, Phongsaly Province report – (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4)